Please note that the author is personally invested in Enigma.

When investing in altcoins, our strategy has always been to find tokens that hold utility, have a sound project behind it, have supporting factors that prime them to increase in value and are available at a cheap price to create a win-win situation and minimize our chances of failure.

We did the same with EOS and bought 2 BTC worth when it was priced at $0.80 and it has paid off well.

Right now, we believe it’s a great time to look into Enigma as an investment option.

The token was recently added to Bittrex last week which lead to a lot of trade volume plus, it seems to have bottomed out in terms of valuation at $0.5.

For me, these are all positive signs to get in on a token as it gives you a good opportunity to buy low, so even if it gets back to its right valuation, you’ll still end up making a profit.

While there has been some negative press due to the way they held their ICO, I do see it touching at least $2 in the next few weeks.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend placing more than 5% of your total portfolio in Enigma.