With Bitcoin and Ethereum racking up all the attention due to surging prices, for new investors looking to 5x or 10x their portfolio investing in these coins becomes harder. This is where young, budding platforms and cryptocurrencies come into play and one such coin is NEO (formerly known as Antshares).

So what makes NEO so special? Well, it’s China’s entry into the Blockchain and a lot of buzz surrounding it suggest it’s Ethereum’s killer, not something I believe though as both platforms can easily co-exist but yes it surely can scale up to that level if not better it.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? So if you’re looking to make an investment in NEO here’s my take on its pricing for the next 2-3 years.

Is it the right time to invest in NEO?

Currently, NEO is priced at $50 and has seen an exponential growth of about 10x in the last 6 months. Wished you had invested earlier?

NEO is here to stay and will evolve and thus will scale up further leaving you with plenty of room to still make a huge profit but before I make any predictions let’s take a look at the factors that effect NEO’s pricing.

Definite Events

  • City of Zion (increasing DAPPS)
  • More ICO’s
  • NEOX, NEO based Exchange (NEX) and Neofs
  • Future Updates & Collaborations

DAPPS and ICO’s are the backbones to the success of any platform and that’s where City of Zion comes into play. They are a bunch of opensource developers, designers etc. and the minds behinds the NEON Wallet and upcoming NEO based exchange (NEX) which I’ll discuss in brief below.

Their DAPP competition which awarded about $270,000 to 10 winners attracted plenty of developers and innovative ideas but that’s not it. Their current $490,000 dev competition in tandem with Microsoft China is bound to have the same effect. Also, more such upcoming competitions only further cement NEO as the blockchain of the future.

Secondly, with Ethereum, programmers require to learn Solidity for coding smart contracts and that’s where NEO steals the spotlight. NEO supports common programming languages such as Java, Python, C++ etc. and thus is likely the platform most DAPP developers or ICO’s will turn to in the near future.

And Project ICO which recently switched from Ethereum to NEO calling it “more forward thinking” is the perfect example of this.

NEOX will make atomic swaps possible and thus eliminate the need for an exchange to trade coins across different blockchains. NEX, the NEO based exchange is the link between NEOX and NEO and aims to combine the best features of both the centralized and decentralized exchanges and is certain to attract tons of investors to use the NEO platform. Another NEO based platform to look forward to is the Neofs which will offer decentralized storage.

NEO has already partnered with some of the top-notch corporations in China such as Alibaba, Microsoft China for various purposes and according to recent reports, they have also got QRC and CoinFirm on board to develop a Smart Economy Ecosystem which is further proof of NEO’s credentials.

Also, with a team of experts from all around the world and further collaborations with both European and Asian corporations expect NEO to launch plenty of further updates that help it stand out from the rest.

Predicted Events

  • Coinbase Listing
  • Alliance with the Government

Currently, Coinbase, one of the largest and widely used exchange lists only 3 currencies namely, Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin but with Ethereum’s scalability issues exposed, NEO certainly looks like the platform of the future with its smart contracts, high speed, and DBFT Protocol thus making a Coinbase listing a high possibility.

Any official alliance that NEO can build with the government is certainly going to be a game changer for it and a huge step towards further strengthening its roots, especially in Asia.

Negative Events

  • Susceptible to Asian/Chinese Laws & Regulation
  • Increasing Competition
  • It’s still developing
  • Bubble Burst

If past is any indication NEO is quite susceptible to bans with its plummeting price upon China’s ICO and Exchange ban being the perfect example. Though it recovered quickly and since then has been on an uptrend, what impact will any future ban or change in regulation have is still anybody’s guess. But at the moment it seems to get the green lights to go ahead.

With cryptocurrencies, blockchain, ICO’s etc. on everybody’s lips more platforms are looking to enter the decentralized world means NEO will face increased competition in the coming 2-3 years. Yes, it currently holds a monopoly in China but will that be the case in the future?

NEO is still developing and will take sometime before it gains the traction and popularity of Bitcoin or Ethereum but with their team of experts and multiple collaborations, it is just a matter of time.

Although highly unlikely in the current market, as NEO’s price surges ahead, a bubble burst becomes a realistic situation but it isn’t NEO specific event with bitcoin, Ethereum etc. all equally prone to it too.

Neo Prediction for 2018

With more DAPPS and ICO’s looking to enter the NEO blockchain and with the upcoming NEO based exchange it should easily reach the $100-$250 price range by 2018.

Neo Prediction for 2019

Continuing on the uptrend and with further updates and new launches, NEO should reach about $450-700 by 2019.

Neo Prediction for 2020

NEO can easily touch the $900 or more by 2020. If it can officially get the Chinese government on board on the whole blockchain bandwagon and capture most of the Asian market, well, sky’s the limit.


The crypto world is an unpredictable place where prices seem to fall and rise by the minute, NEO is certainly one of the safer bets as it is slightly centralized but remember, it is an investment for the long haul.

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