Planning to Buy Monero?

There are multiple ways by which you can buy Monero. You can either use Fiat currencies like USD/EUR/GBP/CAD/JPY or use exchange it for other crypto-assets like BTC/ETH/LTC on exchanges for Monero(XMR).

Which is the best approach for you?

Well, it really depends on what kind of volume you’re working with. Generally, you’ll be facing higher fees when buying with fiat and overall it’s much much easier to just buy some bitcoin from Coinbase or Localbitcoins and then exchange it for Monero.

However, we have discussed both your options, their merits and downsides below to help you make a better decision.

Best Monero Exchanges

We’d personally recommend exchanging Bitcoin for Monero rather than going with Fiat currencies just for the reason that you’ll end up paying a lot on fees if nothing else. The only platform where you don’t have to pay high fees is (Read our review below).

If you don’t already have bitcoins, you can read our in-depth guide on how to buy bitcoins. If you already have one, here’s our list of recommended Monero exchanges (cryptocurrency exchanges that support Monero)

How to Buy Monero with Fiat Currencies


If you’re looking to buy Monero with fiat then there are a handful of “reliable” options out there.



3. LiberalCoins