Hey there fellow crypto fanatic..

With the blockchain technology taking over the world like wildfire, we couldn’t hold our excitement for it to ourselves.

We, the team, at Crypto Updates; eat, sleep and breathe cryptocurrencies and are pumped to share everything-blockchain with you.

Blockchain can be a hard thing to graps and our goal is to make it easier for you to understand and use to your benefit.

From discussing the nuances of every major cryptocurrency out there to helping you make sound financial decisions backed by data and research, our goal is to make the world of cryptocurrencies less of a question and more of an opportunity for our readers.

Meet the Team

Karan Labra

Karan has been an entrepreneur, a digital marketer and a Tekken fanatic since the age of 15. He has always been curious about tech, starting as a tech blogger in the early stages and moves to anything that catches his interest.

With the onset of cryptocurrencies and having some spare cash from his businesses, he started investing and understanding how the blockchain works and it’s applications.

When he’s not running or raising cats on CryptoKitties, Karan likes to read about human psychology & marketing and share his insights and research on Cryptocurrencies.

Dennis Nath

The digital space has always intrigued Dennis the most. From creating a simple .wordpress site while still in school to going full-time into blogging and digital marketing he’s come a long way.

Like most of us, he had only sparsely heard about Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin etc. until it became the talk of the town and not wanting to miss out on the biggest event of 2017 is what inspired him to read, learn and write about the technology and other details behind cryptocurrencies.

And when he’s not busy with the crypto space, you will find him firmly glued to his PS4 or biting his nails off watching soccer.